Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a well-known cultural center since ancient times – and it is probably the most beautiful Ukrainian city. Its numerous museums and gorgeous parks, stunning views of the mighty Slave river of Dnieper with numerous islands makes every tourist fall in love with inimitable Kiev! If you are seeking for the best views, you should come to Kiev in May when the city sinks in the white-flowered horse chestnuts creating a very nice and cozy atmosphere. Never miss Kiev’s Ortodox and Catolic churches of many epochs; historic Independence Square and Khreschatyk Street are also the “must see”. Alongside with Khreschatyk, one of the best known historic streets is Andriyivskyy Descent: go uphill to get to the curious ‘Castle of Richard the Lionheart’! Did you know that Kiev also has an own small ‘Venice’? Go to Venetsianskyi island (Hidropark) for a good time in the amusement park or have a nice summer party at a night club! And don’t forget botanical gardens, the Kiev Zoo and the Pyrohiv village, a big outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. Once visiting Kiev, you would definitely like to be back!


Lvov is probably the most famous city of the Western Ukraine, and there is no surprise that it is considered one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Within two recent years, Lvov had a 40% increase in tourists which is the highest rate in Europe! So, what is so attractive about this relatively modest city? The answer is plain: a vast cultural heritage and a unique atmosphere which was born form a combination of cultural traits of Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Jews inhabitants of Lvov. When come to Lvov, every tourist should definitely visit the Old Town, an ancient historical part. Looking at Lvov City Hall on the Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok), you will literally emerge in the good old times! If you can’t imagine your voyage without seeing the most prominent churches and cathedrals, come to see Latin Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary as well as St. George’s Cathedral of the Greek-Catholic Church, Dominican Church of Corpus Christi and Chapel of the Boim family. And never miss Potocki and Korniakt Palaces and magnificent Lvov High Castle (Vysokyi Zamok) overlooking the historical center. Come to know the incredible Lvov!


An important landmark of the Ukranian Black Sea coast, Odessa has always had its own inimitable spirit. Being a home land of many famous people, the city has a lot to offer: when staying here, you will have an incredible sense of being in the heart of true life! Not at any price should you miss the legendary Potemkin Steps, the most iconic symbol of Odessa, as well as Vorontsov’s Palace, another supreme work-of-art. If you are keen of Russian culture, you find it very interesting to visit Pushkin Museum and the “places of birth” of famous novels, stories… and, of course, well-known jokes about Odessites! The Museum of Western and Eastern Art is also worth visiting: it is Odessa’s no.1 museum where large collections of masterpieces from the 16–20th centuries are exhibited. Would you like to get to know the real Odessa? Go for a good walk along the legendary Deribasovskaya, a picturesque pedestrian street with unique atmosphere of secular linden trees and magnificent architecture of numerous historic buildings, bars and restaurants. And for the sunset, go to Prymorsky Raion’s quays which are literally saturated with sea breath…