Travelling as a Lifestyle

Travelling passion always ruled my life. But in 2012 everything just went into overdrive.

What I thought would be just a 2 month trip to Norway unexpectedly turned into a 2 years long journey. And believe me, I did not plan it that way, though enjoyed immensely. Meeting my college friends in Oslo, I ended up journeying all the way from Scandinavia to South Africa. Then I slowly made my way from Portugal to Brazil and down to Chile. I simply couldn’t stop. Luckily, I had some savings from the times I’ve been employed.

In short, to me travelling is not a simple holiday or a relaxation session. For me, it’s all about venturing out into the unknown. Also, during a trip one can easily travel beyond their comfort zone.

So trying new dishes, enjoying other cultures, doing silly things… It’s all a part of the process!

On my blog, I hope to encourage others to travel more. By sharing my unique travelling vantage points and tips, I want to enhance the journey for all my readers!

Being a New Yorker definitely added to my open mind and love for new cultures. So when I am not doing scuba diving for sea shells in Aruba or eating guinea pig in Ecuador, you can probably find me living somewhere along the East Coast.

I sincerely try to propagate an independent travelling. By that, I do not mean solo travelling. Rather I mean making up your own plans instead of going on an organized tour. Travelling this way can be more challenging, but ultimately, impression-wise it’s much more rewarding.

Good luck on your travels, and thanks for stopping by!

—   Steve Davis